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Aleix was waiting for the ball to hit the band and scored at will

March 10, 2020

Aleix was waiting for the ball to hit the band and scored at will

it’s going to be a great game"adds Karabatic.

On his return to the Palau, Karabatic has indicated: "I have friends there, who are almost all very close. Playing against Barcelona will be special for me, especially since we did not meet last season."

Barça Lassa – PSG, a height duel between co-leaders at the Palau

Barcelona crashes against PSG

"Last season we finished first in the group and we did not win the Champions League. The same happened to Barcelona, ​​which did not reach the Final Four in Cologne. So we are happy, but we know that the road is still very long"Karabatic concluded.

FC Barcelona Lassa defeated Nantes (29-26) in the quarterfinals of the Champions League this Saturday at the Palau and will be in the Final Four two years after finishing fourth in Cologne.


On at 23:21 CEST

David rubio







(17 + 12): Pérez de Vargas (p., 1); Víctor Tomás (3), Dika Mem (3), Fábregas (3), Thiagus Petrus, Palmarsson (2), Ariño (4) -starting seven-, Lasse Andersson (5), Ilic (3), Raúl Entrerríos (1) , Gilberto Duarte, Dolenec, Sorhaindo (1) and Áleix Gómez (3.1p).


(14 + 12): Siffert (p.), Balaguer (3), Lazarov (3), Tournat (5), Gurbindo (2) Lagarde (4), Valero Rivera (4.2 p.) -Starting seven-, Bonnefoi (ps, 13¿-22¿), Feliho, Nyokas, Pechmalbec (1), Delecroix (1), Imare, Guillo (2), Emonet (1) and Auffret.


Martin Gjeding and Mads Hansen (Danish). They excluded two minutes minutes to the local Fabregas (22:43), Dika Mem (28:15) and Entrerríos (42:14); and to visitors Balaguer (29:19), Lagarde (34:21) and Tournat (40:11).


2-2, 7-4, 11-7, 14-9, 15-11, 17-14 (rest), 19-16, 21-19, 22-21, 25-21, 27-24 and 29-26 (final).


Second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League played at the Palau Blaugrana in Barcelona before 5,268 spectators.

The resounding 25-32 of the first leg allowed the Blaugrana to take the game with a certain calm, which did not prevent the fans from responding in the best inning of the last two seasons with a total of 5,268 spectators.

Excellent Lasse Andersson

The local staging was sensational, with an unleashed Lasse Andersson who seems to be finally recovering the excellent level he showed before his ordeal with injuries.

Three goals from the stiletto Dika Mem relaunched the hosts (8-5 in the 11th minute) and Andersson immediately took over to extend this lead to five goals (12-7 in the 16th minute).

The Dane contributed four goals and a sensational assist to Ludovic Fabregas for a Barça team that even extended that advantage with a ‘target’ from Ariño (13-7) in the best minutes of the match.

Anti revives Nantes

There Thierry Anti stopped the game and made a change of defense placing Pechmalbec in the how to register with 1xbet lead in a 5-1 manual that led to a change in the dynamics of the clash.

With three consecutive ex-blue goals by Valero Rivera (from a penalty), David Balaguer and Edu Gurbindo, the current European runners-up came within just three goals (15-12 in the 26th minute).

At halftime, 17-14 after a great goal by Nemanja Ilic and several saves by Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas before an embarrassing exclusion by Dika Mem when it was Feliho who had gone for him upstairs. 

At 18-16, Nantes was able to get close to a goal and Thiagus Petrus emerged to steal a ball and provoke the two minutes for Romain Lagarde.

The blaugrana took the opportunity to escape (20-16 in the 37th minute), but Nantes did not give up and wanted at least to win the game. Thus, between Valero and Gurbindo they relived the match (20-18).

Festival with a great Gonzalo

At 22-21, Bonnefond made a great save and the visitors attacked to equalize, but again a great steal from Thiagus Petrus led to a 4-0 run that definitively broke the match (26-21).

With Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas ‘on fire’ (he crowned his great game with a gold and goal to goal) and with Palmarsson as a quarterback, the Palau was a party in the last ten minutes until the final 29-26.

Barça Lassa, for the Final Four

Palmarsson: "We hadn’t played like in Nantes for two months"

Therefore, Barça Lassa joins Telekom Veszprém in a Final Four that this Sunday will meet its other two participants after PSG – Kielve (24-34 in the first leg) and Pick Szeged – Vardar (23-31).

Paris Saint-Germain (PSG) has announced that the Spanish Raúl González will be their coach in the handball section from next season for a period of three years.


On at 09:28 CET


The Parisian club said in a statement that González, 47, currently a Vardar Skopje manager, will assume the position that Zvonimir Serdarusic will leave free at the end of this 2017-2018 season.

"Raúl is the ideal person to take over from the duo Serdarusic and (his assistant) Staffan Olsson, whom we must thank in advance for their professionalism. We are proud of what they have achieved together with the players", said the general director of PSG, Jean-Claude Blanc.

Despite the future replacement on the bench, Blanc recalled that the objectives for this season "They are still very high to close in the best way these three years of very fruitful collaboration".

González, who arrived at Vardar Skopje in 2014, is one of the most sought-after coaches on the continent, especially after his team’s historic victory in the last edition of the Final Four of the Champions League against the European handball giants. Barcelona, ​​the Hungarian Veszprem and PSG itself.

Despite having the most powerful squad – including the two best players in the world, Nikola Karabatic and Mikkel Hansen – the Parisian club has remained on the verge of the top European title in recent editions, third in 2016 and second in 2017. 

From Barcelona to Cologne there is only one step. After winning the first leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League by 25 to 32, Barça has practically guaranteed a place in the ‘Final Four’. The Catalans will try to take advantage of the Palau Blaugrana to experience the second leg of the quarterfinals of the Champions League, the last step to travel to Cologne and fight for the Velux EHF Champions League.


On at 23:24 CEST

Xavi Pascual’s men hope to repeat the serious and almost perfect match in Nantes. The forceful defense, with great blocks and fast counterattacks were the key to winning and achieving a result that was too favorable to try again to be crowned in Europe. The result of the first leg (25-32) is Barça’s best result in a quarter-final first leg.

It should be noted that, despite the bulky result, the Barça squad has ensured that the tie is not closed and it is necessary for the fans to go to the Palau Blaugrana to certify the victory.



This is all from us! In brief the chronicle in Until next time!


Barça Lassa beat Nantes (29 -26) and will be in the Final Four!


Aleix scores and Gonzalo Pérez stops again. 29-26.


Last minute. The public and the Barça bench began to celebrate the victory.


Nantes have not given up at any time. The same for the French team. 28-26.


Two minutes to finish the match! Barça is almost at the ‘Final Four’.


Great action from Guillo. Balaguer attended perfectly. 28-25.


Barça defends perfectly. Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas scores his second goal in the Champions League. He makes a save and immediately sends the ball into Nantes’ goal. Another stop. 28-24.


Perfect the reaction of the French team. 27-24.


Nantes last timeout.


Barça circulated quickly. Aleix was waiting for the ball to hit the band and scored at pleasure. 27-23.


Gonzalo Pérez de Vargas returned to stop another shot. The Barça goalkeeper is extraordinary.


Another great attack from Nantes. Balaguer scored from the end and sent the ball to the square. 26-23.


Very good goal for Nantes. The French team worked to find Guillo. 26-22.


The ball was dead but finally Sorhaindo scores. In the next action the same player sends the ball to the crossbar. 26-21.

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Xavi Pascual is fully recovered after undergoing a prostate operation at the end of May and has been working for days to plan the next season.

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