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November 5, 2020

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Casino bonus aggregators are an efficient solution for gamblers to collect useful data regarding the latest news, strategies, and promotions for a more enjoyable gaming session.

King Casino Bonus

After analyzing dozens of casino bonus platforms, we’ve come across, a site that seems promising. Below, we will go over all the pros and cons of this website and discover whether it is worth using it as your primary source of gambling-related information or not. Let’s find out!

Pros Cons
Database with hundreds of casinos and bonuses Plain User Interface
Advanced Gambling Strategies The filtering system could use improvement
Informative Newsletter Search query is not intuitive
Only Licensed Casino Operators Few Graphic Design Elements

Why you should use KingCasinoBonus

Finding an efficient casino bonus aggregator can be a daunting task. There are thousands of competitors out there, but few of them actually care about the User Experience and how useful the information is posted on their website. Let’s go over a few advantages of using KingCasinoBonus:

Database containing hundreds of casino platforms and bonus codes

The team of casino analysts at KingCasinoBonus delivers easy to understand and comprehensive reviews of gaming platforms, encompassing all the essential information regarding the registration process, available games, and technical details. From game collection to VIP program perks and how to deposit money, the website does a great job explaining everything you need for a memorable gaming session.

On top of that, the site has an extensive list of bonus codes, which can be used to improve your gambling experience from the moment you sign up. In case you’re not familiar with casino promotions, they represent deals offered by gambling operators to incentivize new players and extend their playtime through no deposit or match bonuses.

Advanced Gambling Strategies Explained for Everyone

Another massive advantage of using this site as your central gambling resource is the advanced strategies for table games like roulette or blackjack. After reading a few tutorials, we decided to implement the betting strategies in our gameplay and see if they work. To our surprise, we successfully increased our win rate and got better results at the roulette table.

While we know there are thousands of free resources on the web teaching you the secrets of casino success, most of them are either too hard to digest for new players or simply don’t work, and you will waste money. Of course, KingCasinoBonus doesn’t guarantee that you will win in the long run because the house always wins. Still, you can try out the strategies and see some short-term results.

Informative Newsletter for Passionate Gamers

King Casino Bonus

While scrolling around KingCasinoBonus, we’ve come across their newsletter sign up form, which at first seemed like the regular lead generation strategies used by most websites. However, after subscribing to the newsletter and read some of the emails we received, we concluded that the exclusive information and special casino bonuses they offer are worth it for your gambling journey. You can use the info provided in the newsletter to increase your knowledge and make better gaming decisions.

You Will Only Find Licensed Operators

Safety should be your number one priority when gambling on the Internet. Back in the day, there were thousands of so-called “pirate casinos,” which were operating outside the law and illegally canceling withdrawals or altering balances without notice.

King Casino Bonus Png

That’s why, in present times, regulatory bodies like UKGC have been established to deal with pirates and implement new laws that ensure the user is spending his time and money in a safe environment. Other institutions like eCOGRA are responsible for testing the game with Random Number Generator software and check if the operators have tampered with the game algorithms.

We scrolled through most of the casinos listed on KingCasinoBonus, and we have determined that all of them are operated under a license issued by one of the gambling commissions responsible for regulating the UK casino market.

What could use improvement on KingCasinoBonus

Now that we went over the advantages of using this website, it’s time to tell you what we didn’t like about it. Bear in mind that the negative aspects of KingCasinoBonus are mostly design-related issues, so they aren’t likely to interfere with your user experience. Let’s move on to the disadvantages of using this site as your main gambling resource:

The Website’s Plain User Interface

After comparing the website’s design to other competitors in the niche, we consider that KingCasinoBonus has an outdated web design, which makes the User Interface a bit more inefficient. While we understand to some extent that content quality is the main focus for the average user, a more tech-savvy person might categorize the site as being bad and click away.

Our web designers have come up with a few recommendations for improvements to the site. They consider that simple changes like adding shadows to their borders and using rounded corners instead of regular ones would drastically improve their UI. Another suggestion was changing their font design by adding some spacing between the rows and fixing 8the pixelated images and elements.

The filtering system could use improvement

We tried using the filtering system, and it works well for simple queries, like finding a no deposit bonus. However, when it comes to more advanced filtering needs like finding a specific type of promotion from a list of given operators, the results won’t be satisfying.

Search query is not intuitive

To be honest, we weren’t expecting Google Search accuracy when we tested the website search system. The KingCasinoBonus query results are significant for searching casinos or promotion. Still, when it comes to strategies or news, the results are non-existent.

Lacking Graphing Design Elements

Another downside of this site is the graphic design elements, which have some inconsistencies. For instance, the color palette used is excellent, but the gradient used on the call to action button doesn’t fit the rest of the design.

While we appreciate the existing graphic design illustrations on the site, we would love to see more of them. When you’re in the affiliate marketing niche, the competition is quite fierce. It would be a wasted opportunity not to add more illustrations or even infographics, which would make their page even more engaging to the audience.

Final Thoughts

Overall, KingCasinoBonus is a great bonus aggregator that can be used by anyone to make more informed gambling decisions. The site’s content is terrific and exclusively based on research, which makes it a reliable source of income. Of course, nothing is perfect, and some design elements of the website could use improvement. Check it out!

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