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To EyeFinity… and beyond – GameCritics com_5

October 1, 2020

Same crap out of 2007 except with a couple new items same boring engine. blah blah blah blah blah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 11! 1111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Last Thoughts: Don’t purchase. This game does not deserve 1 sixteenth the hype it receives. The folks at activision continue to tear away and rob year olds blind. It’s virtually the same game as MW2, for $60, what a rip off. The sole reason why this new, despicable call of obligation franchise is a favorite, is because it was released on a good platform during the ideal time. Despite most of game play ideals and miserableThis match does not deserve 1 sixteenth the hype it receives. Despite most of game play ideals and gloomy healing (QUICK! ILL DUCK BEHIND THIS BARREL TO HEAL! ) Nobody on the games side of the spectrum correctly judges the worth of this heap of **** The very best call of duty match was two, but they are around 8? The only reason they’ve endured is a pathetic shooter with a production that doesn’t recognize a great FPS. It is shameful to see in which my generation is led. If we’re likely to direct the USA one day, then we’re truly screwed. I could speak about the way the Xbox and stupid To EyeFinity… and beyond – GameCritics com stuff like this is bringing the collapse of humanity, but this is a sport review. BOTTOM LINE, IT SUCKS. COD4 and two where the greatest of all time, THIS IS A FLAMING PILE OF DOG **** ON YOUR FRONT PORCH. … Expand The match causes BluScreens. Google it. A Great Deal of Bugs. Stutter on Intel i7 Extreme @3. 8GHz, 6GB RAM, Dual GTX460. Everything runs above 70FPS all configurations and this POS will stutter and drop to five FPS. This is just inexcusable. Why am I paying to the exact same game that I have? This just feels the same **** I’ve already played over and over. Additionally Reznov was dead the whole time plus mason was brainwashed. I’d really like to produce a suitable review about this match but unfortunately it is totally unplayable for me, it has been just two weeks since the match has been released and yet there still has not been a patch released to correct the stutter problem plaguing the PC version of the game; this kind of business practice is completely unacceptable and I will be demanding my money back. Definitely not suggested with me. The game Is Almost unplayable for all those with exceptionally Poor video stutters and lag

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